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Sustainable Development and Technology Speaker

Innovation and technology at the service of a just ecological transition

My vision is that of a society that satisfies essential human needs while respecting planetary boundaries according to the donut theory. I want technology to occupy a balanced place and be used in a reasoned manner to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world. This vision must guide our fundamental actions. Every morning, I wake up with the desire to raise awareness, inform and inspire others to adopt more responsible technological practices.

My passion is to promote Sustainable IT, Low Tech and sustainable development for a positive impact on our society and our planet. Together, we can build a world in which technology serves the common good.

With over 20 years in various IT departments and Information Systems Departments, I have developed my skills as a speaker to address the necessary transformation of our society towards a fairer and more sustainable world. I speak at events and conferences to share my knowledge and inspire change. I will guide you with practical advice and solutions to dare to use technology responsibly.

Join me on this adventure towards a more responsible technological future!

  Sustainable Development and Technology Speaker