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Green IT & Responsible Digital

Raise awarness, Innovate and Act to build a better technological future: Frugal, Inclusive, Innovative, Fair and Protective

With multi-domain experience in Information Systems and project management expertise of more than 15 years, I support you in your Responsible Digital transformation, a transformation that goes beyond mere technological transformation . It is essential for the environment to reduce the ecological footprint of its business and thus become part of a sustainable development approach.

A committed citizen supported by humanist values, I founded my own company in 2017 to reconcile new technologies and social responsibility.

Professional speaker, I initiate the transformation of organizations by changing uses for more economic and ecological efficiency, and pilot the implementation of innovative solutions facilitating the transition to a more resilient, efficient and responsible company
  Kevin Guérin, conférencier professionnel

Did you know ?

Around the world, data storage (data centers) consume 1.5% of the world's electricity
and are responsible for 2% of CO2 emissions ...

In one year, a company of 100 employees who send or receive 80 emails per day
represents the equivalent of 18,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases
Or 18 round trips Paris - New York


How to be digitally eco-responsible: 10 simple gestures

Conférences et Ateliers | Green IT & Numérique Responsable


A digital transformation can be efficient, resilient and sustainable. The purpose of my conferences is to make as many people as possible aware of the challenges of the digital and ecological transition by giving them concrete examples and means to act now.

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Conseils et Stratégie | Green IT & Numérique Responsable


La phase de diagnostic et d'audit des solutions en place, tout autant que des process de mise en production et exploitation des sites, est une clé indispensable pour intégrer tous les acteurs dans le projet et determiner la stratégie la plus optimale pour chaque niveau.

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Pilotage et Accompagnement | Green IT & Numérique Responsable


Knowing how to implement a Responsible Digital strategic policy and having technicians and marketing dialogue remains a delicate subject? Everyone is convinced that we have to go in the same direction but the path for everyone is different, how to find a consensus and go towards efficiency?

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