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10 eco-friendly digital gestures in the office

Etre éco-responsable

1 / I turn off my computer and all my electrical devices every night

2 / I prefer shared printers and photocopiers

3 / I deposit the ink cartridges in the bins provided for this purpose

4 / I save paper, I print double-sided if possible

5 / I print in black and white rather than in color if possible

6 / I select 2 pages per sheet

7 / I print several PowerPoint slides per page

8 / I keep as a draft, unused printed pages

9 / I am learning to manage my emails better

10 / I communicate in my signature: Let us be digitally eco-responsible: 10 simple gestures

Did you know ?

15,000 km is the average distance traveled by digital data (email, download, video, ...)

1 document out of 4
is discarded 5 minutes after printing

3 times less energy
is required to access a website via favorites compared to access via a search engine

is the share of IT equipment in a company's electricity consumption.

of this consumption occurs during periods of inactivity.

On a daily basis, it is our little gestures that make the difference!


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